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Posted by dreadpirateandi on 2007.11.28 at 02:41
DDN Secret Santa/Hannukah Bunny is here!

If you would like to participate, comment below with your email and snail mail addresses. Sign up by December 8th and I will send out assignments for who is giving to whom!


And because Dickdrive actually managed to get herself cawked. Well done there.

Comments are screened so you can't guess!

Mirrormask Queen

Dancing Crane

Posted by lady_of_water on 2007.10.04 at 13:16
It has come to the attention of the administration that the NaNoChat has been infiltrated by a noob. Namely this Dancing Crane creature, strange thing that it is. Should be tossed in a freak show.

Anyway, the Administration (namely, me and Pickle) have decided that it needs to be destroyed utterly. Like we did with Moose. Have at it, kiddos.


BACKWATER, NEW YORK--It was a sultry summer evening. There were romantic candles and soft jazzy music.
Joe, The Head Director of Ownage and Pickle's Boything, was sitting on the floor with Herself, Pickle.

When interviewed, Ms. Herself would only say, "We were making Star-Trek-themed Apples to Apples cards." However, a reliable eyewitness has come forward to claim that this is a fallacy*, and that the two were actually playing a complex game that was part strip-poker, part card-house-building, and part Satanic ritual.

Either way, something shocking was about to happen.

Reports claim that Joe challenged Pickle to the Sacred Nerd-Off, throwing the following gauntlet: "How about a Vulcan Neck Pinch?"

Pickle immediately retaliated, "Dude, it's the Vulcan Nerve Pinch."

The battle was on. "Listen, n00b, it's Neck," claimed Joe in a blatant show of abuse of my spouse.

"Mister, you are *so* wrong," declared Pickle. O the drama! O the suspense! Who was right? Who was wrong? Who was the winner, and who the loser with the thick glasses?

O the drama! O the suspense!

It was PICKLE who won the Sacred Nerd-Off, and she claimed her title with the traditional gloat-and-mock-fest.

About her victory, Pickle only had this to say: "Uhhhh." Her touching, valiant statement should be immortalized forevermore. She went on to tell this reporter about her future goals: "TONIGHT, WE DINE IN BAHAHAHA I HAVE OUT-NERDED THE JOE!!!!" And we wish her all the best on that!

Meanwhile, the Loser was mourning his loss. "Die screaming," said Joe, when asked about his complete, total, and utter failure. This positive outlook is sure to serve him well in any upcoming rematches. The popular opinion of the audience, however, was that the title of Champion would not be reclaimed from Pickle for many years.

"We're so excited," said an anonymous eyewitness. "We haven't seen anything this exciting in years."

"It changed my life!" sobbed an inconsolable young woman. Her friends made sympathetic noises and this reporter gave her some Kleenex.

Joe refused to comment on his future goals, and flounced off in a huff of I've-been-pwned-at-nerdery-by-a-girl. We can't blame him.


* *insert inappropriate giggle*

Posted by dreadpirateandi on 2007.07.30 at 01:48



Posted by dreadpirateandi on 2007.07.18 at 20:50
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who's jealous? More importantly, who wants one?

DISCLAIMER: I'll only make a few. I only have so much yarn, people. So you better give me some incentive if you really want one.

Mirrormask Queen
Posted by lady_of_water on 2007.07.16 at 23:41
Freaky is a freak who cannot make the daring decision to download the LEAKED TORRENT OF THE SEVENTH HARRY POTTER BOOK THAT LIAM FOUND, ISN'T MY BOY AWESOME, and read it early.

And she says LIAM FOUND THE TORRENT AND GAVE IT TO ME SO I STOPPED CALLING HIM A MANWHORE ISN'T HE AWESOME is a bad person for giving me the link to the torrent.


That is all.

This sort of thing only happens to me.

Posted by uzoma on 2007.07.13 at 22:23
I had a conversation a few minutes ago via text messages.  This would not be atypical, if it weren't...  well, just read it.  Posted verbatim.

Hey sexy wat you doin?

That depends on who you are.

Is this a gurl?  Or a guy

A guy.  Who are you?

Ashley.  Who is this?

Joe.  I don't know an Ashley.  This may well be the first texted wrong number I've ever gotten.

Well me an my friends are txtin random numbers.  So how old are you?

29.  It's likely that I'm far too old for what you have in mind.

Yeah srry im only 16.  So do you have any cuz bout my age?  That are hot an single?

I have a cousin who's around that age.  He's not hot or single, but he's richer than God and he's been known to fuck around.

O Naww i dont wont someone who cheats.  So you dont no anyone who is bout my age?

Nope.  If I were to hang with people who are your age, all of my other friends would make fun of me.  You know how it goes.

Yeah.  Well I'll just in txt another random number an find someone bout my age.  Nice talkin to ya.  Bye.

Okay.  Take care, good luck, all that sort of thing.

Haha ok bye

Snark all you like, kids.  I'm still too far in shock to participate.

Mirrormask Queen

Test post

Posted by lady_of_water on 2007.07.13 at 16:40
Where I'm Zinging:: The Moon
In the mood for zings?: amusedamused
Accompaniment to my zings:: Francoise Hardy--"Comment te dire adieu"
Welcome to DickdriveNaked, this is a test post by your lovely co-mod, Arii.